Prairie Song. Q
Prairie Song. Q Detail 1Prairie Song. Q Detail 2Prairie Song. Q Detail 3

Prairie Song. Q

Mixed media
2011, Guy J. Bellaver

The Q stands for quark. Inspired by Fermilab’s proton-antiproton particle collider, Guy Bellaver has long explored the energetic relationship between positive and negative space. In this kinetic work—a fusion of organic form and modern abstraction—he applies that scrutiny to prairie-plant botany and reproduction. The interior structure of welded steel rod is inlaid with two layers of marine-grade fiberglass that’s covered with body putty and sanded to a smooth finish. Automotive-grade mid-gloss paint provides the final layer.

Artist Statement

“This sculpture is another piece in my ‘Quarks’ series, but more organic and painted a rich, earth brown, with the red segments and rod representing the energy of life on the prairie and the explosion of its growth in the spring. These days my work is a bit less about shapes and more about energy.”

Guy Bellaver has sculpted full-time since 1975. From his early geometric stone pieces to recent, kinetic creations in metals and mixed media, his eclectic body of work is unified by its synergy of organic and technical themes. His sculptures range from tabletop pieces to monumental works more than 18 feet tall.