Blaam O
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Blaam O

2008, John Adduci

What at first glance seems an abstract tumble of brushed-aluminum shapes can also be read as an ape-like animal bursting into action. Measuring 10 feet tall, the spread-armed form leaps and bounces in an enthusiastic gesture, encouraging playful visitor interaction.

Artist Statement

“Sculpture, despite its stillness, is far from sedentary. ‘Blaam O’ is one of my most physical sculptures. The title refers to the work’s energetic gesture, implying a “ka-boom!” blast of movement. Like most of my work, an element of abstraction allows for multiple interpretations. Inspired by primate-style posturing, the sculpture’s whimsy and playfulness make it enjoyable to viewers of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.”

For more than 35 years, John Adduci has worked out of Sedgwick Studio, a former electrical substation next to the CTA’s Sedgwick station in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. An internationally recognized artist and craftsman, Adduci specializes in public sculpture that hovers between abstraction and narrative figuration. His clients have included private collectors, government agencies and public organizations—including Lincoln Park Zoo, for which he fabricated two bronze drinking fountains designed by artist George Suyeoka.