Points of Influence
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Points of Influence

GlasStone high-strength concrete
2014, Darrin Hallowell

Seven white, concrete columns containing negative imprints of human forms greet visitors in Darrin Hallowell’s conceptual installation. Funnel-like holes in the figures—notably in the heads and abdomens—represent spiritual and art-focused pathways between souls, the surrounding environment and other human beings.

Artist Statement

“Many cultures believe the soul emanates from the gut. Surely, the head feeds into the soul, providing influence through ingestion of the external. As a sculptor, I know this exchange between soul and environment also exists in the hands, with influence traveling inward and outward. The figure as a vessel—empty or filled, temporal or permanent, giving or taking through these points of influence—is the basis of this installation.”

Darrin Hallowell’s sculptures and installations are concerned with the juxtaposition of elemental themes and truths and the expression of recurring human patterns through time. His work has been represented by Chicago’s McCormick Gallery and Sante Fe’s Evo Gallery and is held in private and public art collections, including the Arizona State University Art Museum. Recent work has included both large-scale public installations and smaller intimate works.