Bird Detail 1Bird Detail 2


Stainless steel
2010, Matthew Csernansky

Formed entirely from sheet metal, Matthew Csernansky’s seamless, streamlined homage to Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s “Bird in Space” series is beautifully minimalist in its distillation of avian movement. Its strong vertical body stands cantilevered on two fluid arms of stainless steel. Vibrant orange coloring within the arms draws connection to dazzling plumage found in the wild.

Artist Statement

Bird is an expressive work that accentuates the grandeur of the familiar animal. The sculpture encourages contemplation of this elegance in the everyday through its contrasting curvature and intersecting fields of color. It’s best displayed in nature to highlight its organic shape and relationship to the animal kingdom.”

Matthew Csernansky is a metal sculptor and designer whose visual vocabulary is inspired by ritualistic concepts that reference the natural world. Through dynamic lines, bold colors and organic forms, Csernansky commits himself to unwavering attention to detail and three-dimensional expression. He has exhibited his work in solo shows throughout the Midwest and northern United States.