Animal Fantasy
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Animal Fantasy

Fiberglass attached to welded steel frame
2015, Christoper Newman

The legged and legless creatures climbing rocks and slithering across the earth in Christopher Newman’s sculpture installation are at once unrecognizable and seemingly familiar. Fabricated from the same fiberglass material used to make boats, they convey a buoyancy in movement and ascending form and position. These imaginary species are right at home at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo, where real animals spark the imaginations of kids every day.

Artist Statement

“Animals are often fantasized by children of all ages, conjuring images of playfulness, adventure and even potential danger. The animals depicted in the sculpture differ in size and gesture, each enticing visitors to discover for themselves who they might be. In fact, they are make-believe but related to creatures in the zoo.”

Christopher Newman is a sculptor, art teacher and health facilities design consultant. He has produced a wide range of work in figurative and abstract forms throughout his career. His sculptures have been included in public exhibitions and private and public collections.